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Ultimately the Bollybeat project is on stage. We are touring in Denmark with Arhus Jazz orchestra and Randers chamber orchestra, Me and Kala. Lars Moller is the conductor. It is a mind blowing experience. Because of his Indian music Background, Lars knows how to deal with Indian Music. He is making the orchestra play a composition in Vilambit Ektaal and Alap etc. It is mind blowing. I am free to play my postion yet it is composed. Really wonderful compositional idea. Lots to learn. Also the compositions has really point and counterpoint and structue of developments which are mind blowing. I am really learning a lot.  A mind blowing experience.

My next project is with Aarhus chamber orchestra. I have done already two rehearsals in Denmark. I have taken my friend Kala in this proect and she is really doing justice to it. It is the first time that I am doing a project with an European Classical Orchestra. Very exciting and huge. Lots of work and lots of fun too. My friend Lars offered me this work and I hope we will  make it a remarkable work.  The program will be in 2016 May in Denmark and eventually in India.

TAGORESPEARE is now available in the market. Just released. Waiting for public feedback. I really liked the soundsape of this album. Gautam and Prattyush did a great job and absolutely what I wanted. Filled my heart. This has become a collectos' item. Thanks to Asha Audio for taking interest in this project and releasing it.

Tagorespeare is all ready to be released in this birth anniversary (2015) celebration of Gurudev Rabindranth Tagore


Very Happy to announce that my TAGORESPEAR project is almost complete. I am in the process of making it ready to release it.