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Dhwani Academy of Percussion Music – intends to bring into focus the rhythmical aspect of music while aspiring to work towards the exploration and enrichment of percussion music in its various manifestations. There is a general sense of supercilious indifference as regards the common people’s understanding of the important part rhythm plays in the creation of good music, especially in the Indian context. The history of the rich heritage of Indian classical music is also a history of the development and evolution of ‘Taal’ and ‘Laya’. In its endeavour to generate awareness about the unique feature of Indian classical music, “Dhwani Academy of Percussion Music” will work in collaboration with various international schools of music and arrange exchange programmes with them. Again, it will undertake programmes to explore the vast repertoire of folk music to cultivate awareness among the rural people about their own rich legacy as also educated them about our own classical tradition. For More Information

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Tabla Workshop - New Jersey

Dhwani Academy (USA) Presents
Tabla Workshop - New Jersey
Date: 16th Sept.'2015
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Tabla Workshop - San Francisco

Dhwani Academy (USA) Presents
Tabla Workshop - San Francisco
Date: 19th Sept.'2015

workshop Bay Area

14th and 15th May, 2016

Venue will be anounced soon.


Dhwani Academy
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Website: www.dhwaniacademy.net


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