UNCOMMON TIMES - A percussion collaboration of Tabla, Taiko, Timbale


World’s Three Premier Percussionists Together On Stage


Uncommon Times

An ensemble of Taiko, Tabla & Timbal

  • John Santos           Five-time Grammy-nominated, US Artists playing Timbal
  • Abhijit Banerjee     Indian ace percussionist playing Tabla
  • Kenny Endo            Taiko master from Hawaii
  • Guest Artiste –       Omar Sosa (on Piano)

         Other Possible guest  Artists:

  • Snehashish Majumdar       : Mandoline, Double Neck, Banjo
  • Amyt Dutta                              : Guiter 


Progress to an entirely new beat! Master percussionists blend the sounds of Japanese taiko, Indian tabla and Latin percussion into a unique and exciting rhythm.The project is a dream perception. There are great drumming traditions from all over the world and work brings together Afro-Caribbean, Indian, and Japanese musical cultures. It is rare for drummers to be featured and to step out of the role of being accompaniment to theater, dance, and other instruments in the ensemble.

While this project came together for its inherent excitement and artistic challenge, it also models substantive cultural mixing, creating a new synergy that also respects traditional backgrounds. In addition to different musical backgrounds, each artist is based in a different region: Kenny in Hawaii, Abhijit in Los Angeles and Kolkata, India; and John in the San Francisco Bay Area. The goal is to take this project to each musician's home community as well as a variety of different regions of the world.

We hope our music will resonate and give hope to appreciating differences around the world and at the same time show the potential for working together to create the highest in artistic quality and creativity.

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About the artists

Omar Sosa, piano

Omar Sosa winner of Independent Music Awards for Best Album - Jazz, began studying marimba at age eight, then switched to piano at the Escuela Nacional de Musica in Havana, where he studied jazz. In San Francisco he became deeply involved in the local Latin jazz scene and began a long collaboration with percussionist John Santos. He also made a series of recordings with producer Greg Landau, including the ground-breaking Oaktown Irawo, featuring Tower of Power drummer Dave Garibaldi, Cuban saxophonist Yosvany Terry and Cuban percussionist Jesus Diaz. Sosa and Landau recorded with Carlos "Patato" Valdes and Pancho Quinto and worked on several film scores.

He has played with a number of world musicians all around the globe, and often collaborates with those outside the jazz and Afro-Cuban traditions. Sosa mixes jazz influences alongside Latin rhythms, North African percussions and spoken word/rap lyrics. He also references classical music. Political and spiritual, he describes his music as an expression of humanism and Santería. On various projects his sounds have ranged from pleasant and melodic, big Latin band, piano improvisation, world music, to free jazz and avant-garde.

Abhijit Banerjee, tabla, pakhawaj

Considered among the front ranking tabla players from India , Abhijit Banerjee is one of the most sought after creative artists in the realm of Indian classical music. With nearly 20 years of professional experience Abhijit has crafted a unique style and creative approach which has brought him accolades and awards from allover the world for his sensitivity, skill and deep sense of musicality. Apart from his contributions to Indian music he has left his mark in a diverse field of crossover music both as a performer and composer.

Abhijit has established himself as major solo tabla player and has performed in major festivals in India. Abhijit has toured extensively in USACanada, U.K., Europe, Japan, Australia, South Africa, South East Asia and Mexico. Abhijit has collaborated in the world crossover music.  Released Cd with Ry Cooder (water Lily Acoustics). Larry Coryell. He has participated in Womad Festival with Trilok Gurtu. His other main CDs include, TARANG (Tim, Germany), Hollow Bamboo (water lily acoustics), Teentaal (Peshkar, Germany) and True rhythms of India (BMG CRESCENDO).

Kenny Endo, taiko, shinobue

The Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble jazz percussion styles, taiko master Kenny Endo is a leading force in contemporary taiko performance in the U.S. and Japan. The Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble plays original compositions for taiko, koto (Japanese zither), fue (bamboo flutes), and other Japanese traditional instruments highlighting features master drummer Kenny Endo on Taiko (Japanese drum) and Japanese percussion. Synthesizing traditional Japanese drumming techniques, world musical rhythms, and western the new dimensions Endo is bringing to an old Japanese art.

Endo leads three ensembles under the name Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble. They are based in Honolulu, Tokyo, and the mainland U.S.A. The Ensemble features master drummer Kenny Endo on taiko and Japanese percussion; Yoshinori Nomi, one of the pioneers of Latin percussion in Japan and a former member of the Tokyo Cuban Boys on Latin percussion and taiko; master of the traditional lion dance and Japanese festival music of old Tokyo, Kyosuke Suzuki, on bamboo flutes, taiko and lion dance; and Hideaki Kuribayashi, innovative 17-string bass kotoist (Japanese zither).

John Santos, conga (tumbadora), Latin percussion

Five-time Grammy-nominated percussionist and US Artists Fontanals Fellow, John Santos, is one of the foremost exponents of Afro-Latin music in the world today. Born in San Francisco, California, November l, l955, he was raised in the Puerto Rican and Cape Verdean traditions of his family, surrounded by music. The fertile musical environment of the San Francisco Bay Area shaped his career in a unique way. His studies of Afro-Latin music have included several trips to New York, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Brazil and Colombia.He is known for his innovative use of traditional forms and instruments in combination with contemporary music, and has earned much respect and recognition as an educator, composer, and record and event producer. He’s been a prolific performer, composer, teacher, writer, radio programmer, and record/event producer whose career has spanned over 35 years.

Performed in the US in 2012-13

  • San Francisco Jazz festival
  • Soka University, Los Angeles
  • Hawaii Performing Arts
  • Skidmore College
  • Leaf Festival, Ashevill

Upcoming concerts

  • Getty Centre, Los Angeles
  • Yerba Buena center, San Francisco

For details:

Contact: India +91 9804616025 / 9433006076    

Email: info@abhijitbanerjee.com

Bookings in India : Bharat Navani 

Bookings in USA: Karen Fisher

Karen A. Fischer, President
Pasifika Artists Network LLC
661 Kilihau St., Wailuku, Maui, HI 96793
1-808-283-7007 office & cell
1-808-442-0747 fax





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UNCOMMON TIMES - A percussion collaboration of Tabla, Taiko, Timbale


World’s Three Premier Percussionists Together On Stage


Uncommon Times

An ensemble of Taiko, Tabla & Timbal